New events coming up!

New events coming up!
  • Sunday June 4th SUPERHERO PARTY
  • June 17th till June 30th KREA WEEK
  • July 10th till August 18th HOLIDAY PROGRAM


Calling all superheroes!
On Sunday 4th of June 2017 we are hosting the second superhero party at Kaya Neerlandia 21C Industry of Activity. And all the little supers are invited.
There will be all sorts of fun and exciting games, superfood, and SUPERPOWERS to discover. So put on your super suit and come party with us.

9.30 am – 11 am Party 1 for the 2-3 year olds
11.30 am – 1 pm Party 2 for the 4-6 year olds
2 pm – 3.30 pm   Party 3 for the 7-10 year olds

Entre tickets are $10,- for members and $12,50 for non-members
Pass by the studio of Industry of Activity and buy your tickets now!

NOTE: Places are limited!



From Saturday June 17th till Friday June 30th we are organizing a KREA WEEK. Krea Week is two weeks of fun and creativity with guest teachers who will be giving the lessons at IOA. And if you join us you’ll get a surprise gift! Wich is an emoji bracelet! Members get an emoji bracelet as well! You should definitely come because it will be lots of fun.

Our classes will go on normally with guest teachers. The schedule will be online soon!

So get your FREE emoji bracelet and a super fun class!

Mieke is going on vacation for 2 weeks to Holland and that is why we are organizing this awesome and special  event.  We want to make sure that you feel comfortable also when Mieke is not there. So the guest teachers are coming one week before the Krea week to meet the kids. And visa versa. Besides that you can always contact Mieke, even if she’s in Holland.

It is possible to follow extra classes if you would like, and the prices stay exactly the same for every class. It’s not possible to have a test lesson during Krea Week.


We are organizing a holiday program!
Do you want to have a super fun and educative time for your child? What our holiday program is making exceptional, is that we organize our activities with variety and special care. It’s going to be fun with games, dance, sports, art, swimming and much more. Beside this, we are well educated and experienced teachers. So don’t miss this!
Most important information you need to know:
– 6 weeks from July 10th till August 18th
– Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday (3 mornings per week)
– 8am – 12pm ( 4 hours)
– It’s also possible to come only 1 morning.
– Please sign in. Minimal 6 participants per morning to continue the program.
4 years till 12 years
– 5 punch card is $40 – 10 punch card is $75
– 1 morning = 2 stamps
– Without a punch card: single morning is $20,-
Studio of Industry of Activity
Kaya Neerlandia #21C
Sign in:
Step by our studio or send us an email:
Interested in an afternoon program? Contact us!
Classes will continue in the afternoon. For info about a combination membership and our holiday program contact us!

For more information about the upcoming events, you can contact us by:
phone: +599 782 6725.
Or just step by our studio


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